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La Palma Experts

La Palma Experts

When I was asked to write about La Palma for a new website, it seemed like a very good fit. Even better, they didn't want someone who read about it from a website which copied most of its content from another website, which was written by someone who'd never visited the Canaries in their life, and who muddled up the island of La Palma with the city of Las Palmas. No, they wanted someone who'd actually sunbathed on the beaches, eaten in the restaurants and hiked around the Caldera.

open quotes The email said, "They want you to tell it 'how it is' and give an honest view."
Now there's a novelty, I thought. People thinking long term and giving the punters a fair deal so they'll come back. I could go for this. close quotes

So I've written my honest opinion of the resorts, and you can read them beside the travel agents' blurb and compare them before you book.

I love La Palma partly because it's got something of everything. All right, so it's a bit short on night clubs and places to buy size 9 ladies shoes (I have enormous feet) but it's got just about everything else. In fact it's so varied that people keep calling it a miniature continent.

The volcano at the southern tip last erupted in 1971, so if you were born before that, you can walk on rocks younger than you are. Want to see more stars than you ever thought possible? As long as it's not cloudy, just get away from streetlights and wait fifteen minutes for your eyes to adjust. Remember to close you mouth before the moths get in.

Beaches? Yup. Plenty of those, either unspoilt and secluded or plenty of amenities, and two of them have blue flags. Hiking trails through glorious scenery? Check. Lovely historic buildings? We've got them by the ton, (mostly C16th churches.) Birds and plants that live nowhere else in the world? Plenty of those. And then there are all the weird and wonderful fiestas, like the dancing dwarfs, or the re-enacted sea battle on dry land. Even after twenty years here, I see planes leaving the airport and think, "Nyar nyar na nyar nyar."

So I'll tell the truth about La Palma for as long as they want me to, so that you can have the holiday that suits you, with no nasty surprises.

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